Likes...We Bid You Adieu!


In recent months, it’s been reported that Instagram has begun testing phases in Australia that hide the number of likes on a post. This is an innovative change for Instagram because both on the business side and the personal side of the popular image-based app, likes on posts have dropped dramatically, yet story views have continually increased. 

There are two reasons for this: Instagram’s general engagement is floundering, and they are aiming to ensure that users don’t jump ship to another social platform, or Instagram is consciously moving away from the act of “liking” posts and moving into supporting other forms of post engagement. 

In a recent meeting with a client, we discussed the tediousness of heart-ing or double-tapping a post in order to like it. Nowadays, users are more averse to the physical action of liking a post, but we’ve noticed through our client’s posts that their engagement was still increasing. How so? This is because we tracked engagement through the client’s impressions and the views on their posts, not via physical likes. This is the future of social media. 

A user may just be scrolling through their phone on Instagram, but that view actually counts as an impression. Because of this, we’ve seen story views increase, impressions grow, and subsequent metrics rise all while likes seem to decline.
This change is exciting because we’re able to show our clients how their numbers are continuing to improve as we move away from the vanity metrics of likes. Likes are simply fake criteria that have the power to make a brand look good, but don’t produce genuine business. 

Social media is dynamic, not static. It’s constantly changing and adapting, and since Melangé is always ahead of the game, our strategies will consistently shift in order to optimize and produce the best results for our clients.