Story Wars Episode I: A New Hope?


We’ve been following the recent updates from both Snapchat and Instagram as they are rapidly updating to gain market advantage. Snapchat has now launched another new feature, location-based stories and Instagram quickly followed suit and did the same. What we’re seeing now is that the battle has begun for your attention.

 Us, as users, are going to reap the most benefits from this battle. We’re going to see leaps in innovation and rapid updates to both platforms. I suspect that features and updates both companies may have been saving for further down the pipeline will now be introduced every week in order to capture your attention. It’s going to be very interesting to watch how these Story Wars are going to play out over the coming months.

 Now as you know, my prediction has always been and will continue to be that Instagram will win in the end. It has more resources, plus it has Facebook backing it, while Snapchat is slowly losing everything that made it unique. That being said, Snapchat really has only one unique feature left: custom geofiltering. Which basically means that users can create a unique geofilter for any given location, and the filter will then be accessible, provided they pay for it. However, it’s a feature that can be easily duplicated and I’d be willing to bet Instagram will be releasing a similar option to users shortly.

 Unfortunately, in the battle of Story Wars, the “evil empire” - or maybe you see them as the rebel alliance? - known as Facebook is going to be the winner here.

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