Don't Forget About Facebook

Once again, Facebook is reminding us why it is one of the most innovative and dominant companies of our generation. Facebook has just finished up its FA Conference to announce new additions to the platform and its latest 10 year plan. The reason Facebook continues to dominate year after year and month after month is because of its ability to look at the social space and see what’s working and what’s missing. With almost limitless fiscal resources, the company can swiftly identify market trends and implement new features almost immediately, allowing it to be constantly relevant and always pushing boundaries.

The first innovation discussed at the FA Conference was the new stories and face filter features that we discussed in a post a few weeks ago. Facebook’s face filters, while very similar to Snapchat, are cleaner and more numerous, and on top of the thousands of filters being added, Facebook will also be offering augmented reality filters. For example, a user can be in a restaurant adding effects and filters to the food, drinks, or the surrounding environment they are documenting. This is, of course, going to be huge for the hospitality industry, as people will begin interacting with their surroundings through the augmented reality filters.

Next, Facebook announced that it will begin offering a “notes” feature, wherein users can leave personal messages for their friends at various locations. For example, if a user is traveling abroad and goes to a certain restaurant or hotel, they can leave augmented reality “notes” that can be left anywhere, like at the food counter, the table where they sat, in their hotel room, the hotel lobby, or anywhere else to share their personal experiences with their friends.

Personally, at Mélange Media, we feel that these latest Facebook updates are going to explode - especially for hospitality brands like our clients. Augmented reality technology is a major trend in our world right now and bringing it into the social media realm is incredibly exciting. It’s very important for all of us to be paying attention to what Facebook is up to - while all of the eyes are currently on Instagram - it is vital that you keep your Facebook assets and digital property there maintained so that you are ahead of the curve when these latest features are made available.

We can’t wait to see how these new changes play out, and of course, it’s just another nail in the coffin for Snapchat. We’ll see if they have any answer to the Facebook juggernaut.

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