Grow the Team. Grow the Dream.

A Message from the CEO...

First and foremost, Mélange Media owes all its growth to our incredible clients. The value that we bring to clients allows us to continue to grow and improve our products and services. For many years, I have been the primary face of the company. I have been the person that clients meet with, talk with, and generally correspond with. What you may not know, however, is that I have an incredible team behind me.

There’s a saying that goes, “(T)ogether, (E)veryone (A)chieves (M)ore.” Through years of building a hospitality and food marketing agency and asking myself how I can deliver more value to our clients, the answer I have come to is to grow a strong team in the hopes of duplicating who I am and what I do. My mentor once told me, “Surround yourself with a team that has all of your strengths, and none of your weaknesses, and you’ll win.” These words are what I’ve been focusing on for Mélange Media.

I want to officially introduce you to the people on the Mélange Media team that are contributing to our continued success. It’s not just me, I am just a byproduct of my amazing team and I want to take the time to introduce you right now:

Meet Anna. Anna is our Director of Client Services and she truly runs the Mélange Media show. Anna is constantly looking at the services we provide to our clients and determines how we can get better and be more effective in the future. She also takes the time to coordinate with our backend team to help them be successful. Anna has a very strong background in fashion and marketing, and is, like all of us at Mélange Media, a huge foodie, and has been a tremendous asset to our team.

Our incredible Community Managers, Lori. Lori has years of experience in food marketing and social media, in addition to managing her own online magazine. As a Community Manager, Lori is the team member responsible for making effective and engaging posts to social media on our clients’ behalves. She’s also managing all social engagements for clients, and she strives to embody who each client is as a brand on the web, making sure the message stays consistent and appealing.

Carla. Also a Community Manager, Carla performs many of the same tasks for clients as Lori. Carla’s background is primarily in restaurants and food. She is a total foodie, in addition to a food influencer with a large following and a great blog! Carla brings her flair and her energy to Mélange Media and it’s clients, and she works hard to embody our clients’ brands and engage with their clientele on all levels so their customers can feel the physical presence of their brand through social media.


Gregory our behind-the-scenes wizard works with our operations team and helps with many of the backend operations at Mélange Media. He helps monitor reviews coming in on the web, and he’s making sure those reviews are being properly reported and managed. Gregory largely works behind the scenes on things clients may not see. He has worked with Daymond John from Shark Tank on his branding and social media, and helps us better understand the marketing efforts of other brands. When he’s not helping us, Gregory also owns and operates a ridiculously cool online clothing shop.


Finally, we have our newest team member, Courtney. Courtney is a new New Yorker, hailing from Kansas City, MO, with an agency background in digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM). Courtney is the team’s Brand Manager and she is working toward establishing Mélange Media’s social and online presence as an authority in hospitality marketing. You’ll soon see Courtney’s copywriting (for both us and our clients), along with her work in establishing our brand identity, and the creation of online collateral.

To become an authority in hospitality marketing has been Mélange Media’s primary focus from the start, and this is the team that’s going to get us there. At Mélange Media, we offer a full spectrum of marketing and branding services that I want hospitality brands to take advantage of. I have assembled a great team and I want to make sure they are living up to their fullest potential. Mélange Media is not just a social media agency. We are marketing managers, brand managers, social media managers, and overall marketing consultants. Being able to sit down with our clients and be their end-to-end marketing managers is what allows us to create results.

How can we serve you and increase your revenue, reservations, delivery orders and more?