Snapchat Should Have Taken The Money

Snapchat Should Have Taken The Money

If you are anywhere in the social media or marketing world, in the last 24 hours you’ve more than likely seen numerous people talking about the latest update from Instagram. Which is the inclusion of the story feature much like their competition Snapchat. Aside from the widespread social media hysteria, what does this really mean?

For Snapchat, it means they should have taken the money. Facebook as we know acquired Instagram and offered billions of dollars to also purchase Snapchat. What was an attempt on Snapchat’s behalf to maintain originality by declining Facebook’s offer, has now ironically been duplicated. Instagram realized how many people were using Snapchat and more importantly using Instagram as a platform to promote Snapchat and swiftly stopped the social media bleeding, by releasing the update and subsequently stopped users from porting over to Snapchat and focus back on Instagram.

The mistake Snapchat made was taking their originality and bypassing the fact that their story feature can be recreated. While it has only been 24 hours, Facebook & Instagram respectively, has stopped Snapchat’s momentum much like a sports team calling timeout during a game changing run. The truth is this, competing against a company like Facebook is not a task for the faint of heart. Instagram is around because Facebook allowed it to be.

As it stands, Snapchat still has its unique filters, but again if the technology of Snapchat’s filters is unique to them, then they have a chance of surviving. However, if it’s not Facebook will use their resources to create something that’s bigger and better.

My prediction is because Snapchat’s app has never been truly intuitive, if Instagram continues to shift and incorporate Snapchat features like filters and stories, Snapchat may eventually get lost in the sauce. Until then, I will be using Instagram’s new feature.

Thank you,

Richard Bonilla

CEO of Melanage Media Group