What Is True Instagram Engagement?

While Instagram is among the most popular social media apps used today, knowing and understanding your true reach and engagement can be harder than just looking at the likes or comments you may receive. Interestingly enough, when you post on Facebook, there are metrics that can show you what your true reach is by counting everyone who viewed your post.

We’ve seen Instagram use this concept recently with videos. When you post a video on Instagram instead of showing how many likes you’ve garnered, the only measurement is how many views you received, so every person who watched (they have to see it while scrolling) your video is counted as a view. If you’ve noticed views are significantly higher than actual likes and that is because it is “lurker free” as I like to call it. “Lurkers” are users who simply watch videos and photos but are not compelled to engage with any of the material they are watching. The counted views on videos are the truest metric to measure social engagement on Instagram because it allows you to see how many people you are actually reaching. If Instagram utilized these metrics for all content (not just video) we’d all have a better understanding of what our reach of engagement really is. With that, we are excited to implement this with our clients and their social media.

Thank you,

Richard Bonilla

CEO of Melanage Media Group