Treat Your Clients Business As Your Own & You Will Always Win


As business owners, realizing when to create partnerships is essential to development and growth. Typically when entering these partnership there’s no real way of knowing the outcome, however at Mélange Media Group, we maintain that treating our client’s business as our own is what defines our brand and how we conduct business.

Now what exactly does it mean to treat your clients business as if it were your own? I personally take this idea to heart and use it as the starting point in any partnership. When you treat your client’s business as though it were your own you care about every aspect they care about. You stay up and work late, you constantly think about how to be more innovative and ultimately how to generate more business for them, especially if you are in a customer service industry. It’s crucial to take the time to put yourself in your client’s shoes.

At Mélange Media Group, we pride ourselves on being as dedicated as the brands we partner with. Today, this way of thinking is so rare that it almost sounds too good to be true. But frankly, the truth is, expecting anything less can set your business up for failure.  Yes, it may cost us a little extra in the short term, but we understand the time and attention we take aligns with the ultimate outcome we want in the long term.

Often times what happens is, during the stage of trying to partner with a company businesses find themselves on the short end of the stick because the person or business they hired didn’t live up to the expectations that were agreed upon.  Make your partnerships a relationship, strive to find the right fit and work to make sure you deliver time and time again. That’s what we believe at Mélange Media Group and what you as businesses should expect when taking your company to the next level.


Thank you,

Richard Bonilla

CEO of Melanage Media Group