Does Your Brand Look Desperate?

Social media is still a new world in the advertising and media universe. Many brands and agencies are still "figuring it out" although they don't want to admit it. New social media platforms arrive every month and old platforms are adapting to stay relevant.

Small businesses & brands struggle to have effective social media strategies and the majority of the time they are in the dark about how they are represented. Case in point; 

As we were engaging with a customer of our client we noticed another brand engaging with them. This is almost equivalent to having a conversation with your customer at your restaurant and then suddenly your competitor walking up to both of you and saying, "I know you just ate here but come to my restaurant".


The conversation continued until they convinced them to make a future reservation. 


This strategy could be good for the neighborhood $1 pizza shop but very distasteful for any brand looking to keep a uniformed professional image.

Proper new customer engagement should be around conversations that your customers and you have in common, ex: "happy hour".

Does your brand look desperate?

It may be time for an audit.