Rasa, New York's Incomparable New Malaysian Experience

Celebrity And Michelin Star-Rated Chef Tommy Lai's Unique Malaysian Fusion Restaurant Opens In Greenwich Village

Melange Media is excited to be working with Rasa. Our team looks forward to bringing Chef Tommy and sister Cami Lai's distinct style to as many people as possible. 

Rasa, has enjoy positive reviews by customers and critics alike since it opened in December 2013. Malaysian Chef Tommy Lai, the first Malaysian chef to earn a Michelin star in New York, creates a blend of traditional and new takes on Malaysian, Thai, and Singaporean to create a menu that is unmatched in New York City. By importing spices, raw ingredients, and sous chefs ensures a premium epicurean experience.  There's no mistake that Rasa is a distinct novelty of flavors and new ideas rare to New York.

After moving to the United States and pining for the dishes from home, Tommy and Cami Lai decided to bring the food loved and longed for to New York City. Try dishes like Rasa''s Assam Laksa, a flavorful, spicy fish-based noodle soup with supposedly over 1,000 ingredients involved, or their Beef Rendang, succulent slices of beef marinated in over 30 spices and cooked tender on low heat for several hours. And if you're an NYU student, good news! You get 15% off your meal. 

Stay on top of all the specials and perks with Rasa's social media platform on their FacebookTwitterFoursquare, and Yelp pages. You'll fall in love with their one of a kind blend of menu styles as Melange Media continues to reinforce their brand and promote their wonderful restaurant. 

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