Likes...We Bid You Adieu!


In recent months, it’s been reported that Instagram has begun testing phases in Australia that hide the number of likes on a post. This is an innovative change for Instagram because both on the business side and the personal side of the popular image-based app, likes on posts have dropped dramatically, yet story views have continually increased. 

There are two reasons for this: Instagram’s general engagement is floundering, and they are aiming to ensure that users don’t jump ship to another social platform, or Instagram is consciously moving away from the act of “liking” posts and moving into supporting other forms of post engagement. 

In a recent meeting with a client, we discussed the tediousness of heart-ing or double-tapping a post in order to like it. Nowadays, users are more averse to the physical action of liking a post, but we’ve noticed through our client’s posts that their engagement was still increasing. How so? This is because we tracked engagement through the client’s impressions and the views on their posts, not via physical likes. This is the future of social media. 

A user may just be scrolling through their phone on Instagram, but that view actually counts as an impression. Because of this, we’ve seen story views increase, impressions grow, and subsequent metrics rise all while likes seem to decline.
This change is exciting because we’re able to show our clients how their numbers are continuing to improve as we move away from the vanity metrics of likes. Likes are simply fake criteria that have the power to make a brand look good, but don’t produce genuine business. 

Social media is dynamic, not static. It’s constantly changing and adapting, and since Melangé is always ahead of the game, our strategies will consistently shift in order to optimize and produce the best results for our clients.

Story Wars Episode I: A New Hope?


We’ve been following the recent updates from both Snapchat and Instagram as they are rapidly updating to gain market advantage. Snapchat has now launched another new feature, location-based stories and Instagram quickly followed suit and did the same. What we’re seeing now is that the battle has begun for your attention.

 Us, as users, are going to reap the most benefits from this battle. We’re going to see leaps in innovation and rapid updates to both platforms. I suspect that features and updates both companies may have been saving for further down the pipeline will now be introduced every week in order to capture your attention. It’s going to be very interesting to watch how these Story Wars are going to play out over the coming months.

 Now as you know, my prediction has always been and will continue to be that Instagram will win in the end. It has more resources, plus it has Facebook backing it, while Snapchat is slowly losing everything that made it unique. That being said, Snapchat really has only one unique feature left: custom geofiltering. Which basically means that users can create a unique geofilter for any given location, and the filter will then be accessible, provided they pay for it. However, it’s a feature that can be easily duplicated and I’d be willing to bet Instagram will be releasing a similar option to users shortly.

 Unfortunately, in the battle of Story Wars, the “evil empire” - or maybe you see them as the rebel alliance? - known as Facebook is going to be the winner here.

 Interested in learning more about using Instagram for your business? Questions about social media marketing in general? As always, don’t hesitate to contact us for your needs!

Don't Forget About Facebook

Once again, Facebook is reminding us why it is one of the most innovative and dominant companies of our generation. Facebook has just finished up its FA Conference to announce new additions to the platform and its latest 10 year plan. The reason Facebook continues to dominate year after year and month after month is because of its ability to look at the social space and see what’s working and what’s missing. With almost limitless fiscal resources, the company can swiftly identify market trends and implement new features almost immediately, allowing it to be constantly relevant and always pushing boundaries.

The first innovation discussed at the FA Conference was the new stories and face filter features that we discussed in a post a few weeks ago. Facebook’s face filters, while very similar to Snapchat, are cleaner and more numerous, and on top of the thousands of filters being added, Facebook will also be offering augmented reality filters. For example, a user can be in a restaurant adding effects and filters to the food, drinks, or the surrounding environment they are documenting. This is, of course, going to be huge for the hospitality industry, as people will begin interacting with their surroundings through the augmented reality filters.

Next, Facebook announced that it will begin offering a “notes” feature, wherein users can leave personal messages for their friends at various locations. For example, if a user is traveling abroad and goes to a certain restaurant or hotel, they can leave augmented reality “notes” that can be left anywhere, like at the food counter, the table where they sat, in their hotel room, the hotel lobby, or anywhere else to share their personal experiences with their friends.

Personally, at Mélange Media, we feel that these latest Facebook updates are going to explode - especially for hospitality brands like our clients. Augmented reality technology is a major trend in our world right now and bringing it into the social media realm is incredibly exciting. It’s very important for all of us to be paying attention to what Facebook is up to - while all of the eyes are currently on Instagram - it is vital that you keep your Facebook assets and digital property there maintained so that you are ahead of the curve when these latest features are made available.

We can’t wait to see how these new changes play out, and of course, it’s just another nail in the coffin for Snapchat. We’ll see if they have any answer to the Facebook juggernaut.

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How's That Snapchat Stock Looking?

Facebook just launched its answer to Snapchat stories. Of course, as we all know, Facebook owns Instagram and Instagram has been offering stories to users for a while, but this new feature is entirely contained in Facebook.

This week, I was having a meeting with an influencer and talking about Snapchat in comparison with what some other platforms are doing and what seems to make Snapchat the most unique is its face filters. However, after previewing some of the face filters that are going to be available through Facebook’s stories a few months ago, my question is: how is that Snapchat stock going?

As we know, Facebook is the dominant beast in the social media world, just like Google is the dominant beast in the search and web world. Due to Facebook’s ability to constantly - and quickly - innovate and see what’s creeping up on them, they know what they have to change in order to keep up with what users want. Will Facebook stories finally be what kills Snapchat? Will this Facebook update make Snapchat less relevant? My guess is yes, absolutely, though I’m sure there are many who will disagree with me. What this latest Facebook innovation is going to do is stop the flow of people jumping ship from Facebook to Snapchat or Instagram to Snapchat.

The uniqueness of Snapchat is gone. Facebook now has secret conversations and stories so you can have a conversation with someone that will disappear in 5 seconds, 10 minutes, or 24 hours. Everything unique that Snapchat brought to the table is now being exploited by Facebook, and I personally feel that the face filters on Facebook are 10 times better than Snapchat’s in both terms of texture and use.

Snapchat just became less relevant, and it’s going to be very interesting to watch what happens as time progresses.

Do you have any questions about the ever-changing world social media or social strategy? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any and all of your needs!

Using Instagram's New Slideshow Feature to Increase Brand Awareness

As you’ve probably heardㅡor seenㅡInstagram recently launched an exciting, brand new slideshow feature that was previously only available to paid advertisers. This latest update to our favorite photo sharing app now allows all brands and users to share up to ten photos or videos within one, swipeable post. At the outset, the advantages of a slideshow is obvious: users can now share multiple photos or videos without bombarding followers, who are therefore less likely to click the dreaded “unfollow” button and stop engaging with your brand altogether.

At Mélange Media, we know that most social media users typically want to see somewhere between 1 to 3 posts from a brand per day; however, when hosting an event or special promotion, it may be difficult to keep the number of postable photos low. With this new gift from Instagram, our Community Managers can now share up to 10 images or videos from the event within one post to allow our clients’ customers and potential customers to explore and engage further while not overwhelming people with a dozen posts.

While we anticipate that the Instagram slideshow feature will further increase brand awareness, likes, comments, and other interactions, rest assured that the Mélange Media team will be putting it to the test for you. Over the next few months, we will be beta testing this new feature for our clients while carefully monitoring the effectiveness and adjusting our work accordingly to bring the best value to you.

If you have any questions about this new feature, or about Instagram and social media marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! The Mélange Media team is looking forward to serving you and increasing your brand’s awareness!

Grow the Team. Grow the Dream.

A Message from the CEO...

First and foremost, Mélange Media owes all its growth to our incredible clients. The value that we bring to clients allows us to continue to grow and improve our products and services. For many years, I have been the primary face of the company. I have been the person that clients meet with, talk with, and generally correspond with. What you may not know, however, is that I have an incredible team behind me.

There’s a saying that goes, “(T)ogether, (E)veryone (A)chieves (M)ore.” Through years of building a hospitality and food marketing agency and asking myself how I can deliver more value to our clients, the answer I have come to is to grow a strong team in the hopes of duplicating who I am and what I do. My mentor once told me, “Surround yourself with a team that has all of your strengths, and none of your weaknesses, and you’ll win.” These words are what I’ve been focusing on for Mélange Media.

I want to officially introduce you to the people on the Mélange Media team that are contributing to our continued success. It’s not just me, I am just a byproduct of my amazing team and I want to take the time to introduce you right now:

Meet Anna. Anna is our Director of Client Services and she truly runs the Mélange Media show. Anna is constantly looking at the services we provide to our clients and determines how we can get better and be more effective in the future. She also takes the time to coordinate with our backend team to help them be successful. Anna has a very strong background in fashion and marketing, and is, like all of us at Mélange Media, a huge foodie, and has been a tremendous asset to our team.

Our incredible Community Managers, Lori. Lori has years of experience in food marketing and social media, in addition to managing her own online magazine. As a Community Manager, Lori is the team member responsible for making effective and engaging posts to social media on our clients’ behalves. She’s also managing all social engagements for clients, and she strives to embody who each client is as a brand on the web, making sure the message stays consistent and appealing.

Carla. Also a Community Manager, Carla performs many of the same tasks for clients as Lori. Carla’s background is primarily in restaurants and food. She is a total foodie, in addition to a food influencer with a large following and a great blog! Carla brings her flair and her energy to Mélange Media and it’s clients, and she works hard to embody our clients’ brands and engage with their clientele on all levels so their customers can feel the physical presence of their brand through social media.


Gregory our behind-the-scenes wizard works with our operations team and helps with many of the backend operations at Mélange Media. He helps monitor reviews coming in on the web, and he’s making sure those reviews are being properly reported and managed. Gregory largely works behind the scenes on things clients may not see. He has worked with Daymond John from Shark Tank on his branding and social media, and helps us better understand the marketing efforts of other brands. When he’s not helping us, Gregory also owns and operates a ridiculously cool online clothing shop.


Finally, we have our newest team member, Courtney. Courtney is a new New Yorker, hailing from Kansas City, MO, with an agency background in digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM). Courtney is the team’s Brand Manager and she is working toward establishing Mélange Media’s social and online presence as an authority in hospitality marketing. You’ll soon see Courtney’s copywriting (for both us and our clients), along with her work in establishing our brand identity, and the creation of online collateral.

To become an authority in hospitality marketing has been Mélange Media’s primary focus from the start, and this is the team that’s going to get us there. At Mélange Media, we offer a full spectrum of marketing and branding services that I want hospitality brands to take advantage of. I have assembled a great team and I want to make sure they are living up to their fullest potential. Mélange Media is not just a social media agency. We are marketing managers, brand managers, social media managers, and overall marketing consultants. Being able to sit down with our clients and be their end-to-end marketing managers is what allows us to create results.

How can we serve you and increase your revenue, reservations, delivery orders and more?

Snapchat Should Have Taken The Money

Snapchat Should Have Taken The Money

If you are anywhere in the social media or marketing world, in the last 24 hours you’ve more than likely seen numerous people talking about the latest update from Instagram. Which is the inclusion of the story feature much like their competition Snapchat. Aside from the widespread social media hysteria, what does this really mean?

For Snapchat, it means they should have taken the money. Facebook as we know acquired Instagram and offered billions of dollars to also purchase Snapchat. What was an attempt on Snapchat’s behalf to maintain originality by declining Facebook’s offer, has now ironically been duplicated. Instagram realized how many people were using Snapchat and more importantly using Instagram as a platform to promote Snapchat and swiftly stopped the social media bleeding, by releasing the update and subsequently stopped users from porting over to Snapchat and focus back on Instagram.

The mistake Snapchat made was taking their originality and bypassing the fact that their story feature can be recreated. While it has only been 24 hours, Facebook & Instagram respectively, has stopped Snapchat’s momentum much like a sports team calling timeout during a game changing run. The truth is this, competing against a company like Facebook is not a task for the faint of heart. Instagram is around because Facebook allowed it to be.

As it stands, Snapchat still has its unique filters, but again if the technology of Snapchat’s filters is unique to them, then they have a chance of surviving. However, if it’s not Facebook will use their resources to create something that’s bigger and better.

My prediction is because Snapchat’s app has never been truly intuitive, if Instagram continues to shift and incorporate Snapchat features like filters and stories, Snapchat may eventually get lost in the sauce. Until then, I will be using Instagram’s new feature.

Thank you,

Richard Bonilla

CEO of Melanage Media Group

What Is True Instagram Engagement?

While Instagram is among the most popular social media apps used today, knowing and understanding your true reach and engagement can be harder than just looking at the likes or comments you may receive. Interestingly enough, when you post on Facebook, there are metrics that can show you what your true reach is by counting everyone who viewed your post.

We’ve seen Instagram use this concept recently with videos. When you post a video on Instagram instead of showing how many likes you’ve garnered, the only measurement is how many views you received, so every person who watched (they have to see it while scrolling) your video is counted as a view. If you’ve noticed views are significantly higher than actual likes and that is because it is “lurker free” as I like to call it. “Lurkers” are users who simply watch videos and photos but are not compelled to engage with any of the material they are watching. The counted views on videos are the truest metric to measure social engagement on Instagram because it allows you to see how many people you are actually reaching. If Instagram utilized these metrics for all content (not just video) we’d all have a better understanding of what our reach of engagement really is. With that, we are excited to implement this with our clients and their social media.

Thank you,

Richard Bonilla

CEO of Melanage Media Group

Treat Your Clients Business As Your Own & You Will Always Win


As business owners, realizing when to create partnerships is essential to development and growth. Typically when entering these partnership there’s no real way of knowing the outcome, however at Mélange Media Group, we maintain that treating our client’s business as our own is what defines our brand and how we conduct business.

Now what exactly does it mean to treat your clients business as if it were your own? I personally take this idea to heart and use it as the starting point in any partnership. When you treat your client’s business as though it were your own you care about every aspect they care about. You stay up and work late, you constantly think about how to be more innovative and ultimately how to generate more business for them, especially if you are in a customer service industry. It’s crucial to take the time to put yourself in your client’s shoes.

At Mélange Media Group, we pride ourselves on being as dedicated as the brands we partner with. Today, this way of thinking is so rare that it almost sounds too good to be true. But frankly, the truth is, expecting anything less can set your business up for failure.  Yes, it may cost us a little extra in the short term, but we understand the time and attention we take aligns with the ultimate outcome we want in the long term.

Often times what happens is, during the stage of trying to partner with a company businesses find themselves on the short end of the stick because the person or business they hired didn’t live up to the expectations that were agreed upon.  Make your partnerships a relationship, strive to find the right fit and work to make sure you deliver time and time again. That’s what we believe at Mélange Media Group and what you as businesses should expect when taking your company to the next level.


Thank you,

Richard Bonilla

CEO of Melanage Media Group




Why Asking Your Followers to Turn On Their Post Notifications Is A Bad Idea.


In the wake of Instagram’s recent announcement that it will be changing it’s timeline format from chronological posts to testing out a new algorithmic timeline, undoubtedly has millions of users up in arms. It’s no secret if you scroll through your own timeline there are already friends, family members, businesses and brands prompting you to turn on your notifications in order to keep up with what they post. And while it may seem like this adjustment is only a minor change in architecture it’s a major change for consumers. After scrolling through my own timeline it occurred to me, businesses and brands are forgetting what a notification looks like and more importantly what it feels like for a consumer to receive. The harsh reality is, solicited notifications are annoying to receive and will consequently take away from the experience of using Instagram all together.

By asking consumers to turn on their notifications, businesses and brands alike are becoming more concerned with possibly losing the engagement with their following or the attention they may receive that they are overlooking the sentiment and feelings related to consumers using the actual product. Facebook pioneered the idea of changing user’s feed to suggest what they may enjoy best, but after witnessing the result, I can understand the skepticism following Instagram’s announcement.

The truth is, there are not many business brands that we want to see notifications for. Now that smartphones are a staple in everyday life, there are already so many notifications that we must navigate through between, emails, text messages, reminder, alarm clocks. Unfortunately business brands are at the bottom of the totem pole so to speak when it comes to what consumers care about. The questions consumers are asking themselves is “Do I really care enough about this business to get notified when they post to their social media?” If you don’t already know, the answer is no.


As businesses and brands we need to stop ourselves and think how is the consumer affected rather than focusing on the attention we may be losing. Even if a consumer likes the brand or business that is independent of whether they will willingly turn on their notification. While change is inevitable, I personally don’t suggest asking your following to turn on their notifications. Unless you want to trade temporary attention for a permanent unfollowing.


How the new iOS update affects your business.

With the new iOS update millions of iPhone users are anxiously (or reluctantly) downloading it as you read this. Unfortunately I lost the capability for people to hear me when I call but that's beside the point.

As I started to play around with "my new phone" I discovered this; Siri's lovely new feature that lets you discover places. 

The new "nearby" feature for iOS9

The new "nearby" feature for iOS9

This seems like bad news for discovery apps like Foursquare not so much for Yelp because they are pulling reviews and some information from Yelp (they formed a silent unofficial alliance in 2010). 

So what does this mean to you and your restaurant? With over 64 million iPhone users in the US and the majority in major cities like New York, a ton. 

We are creatures of habit and convenience. iPhone has made it even easier for their users to find your businesses and find your reviews. It is just a matter of time before their habits go from Google maps, Foursquare and Yelp to Apple Maps and Nearby.

If being properly listed on Google maps is important to you then this should be as well. 

With the news of this update we are working on our client's Apple Maps listing to make sure they are up to date and ready to be found by IPhone users.

They didn't have to ask it's just what we do. Shouldn't your business move and adopt as fast as the world does?

Does Your Brand Look Desperate?

Social media is still a new world in the advertising and media universe. Many brands and agencies are still "figuring it out" although they don't want to admit it. New social media platforms arrive every month and old platforms are adapting to stay relevant.

Small businesses & brands struggle to have effective social media strategies and the majority of the time they are in the dark about how they are represented. Case in point; 

As we were engaging with a customer of our client we noticed another brand engaging with them. This is almost equivalent to having a conversation with your customer at your restaurant and then suddenly your competitor walking up to both of you and saying, "I know you just ate here but come to my restaurant".


The conversation continued until they convinced them to make a future reservation. 


This strategy could be good for the neighborhood $1 pizza shop but very distasteful for any brand looking to keep a uniformed professional image.

Proper new customer engagement should be around conversations that your customers and you have in common, ex: "happy hour".

Does your brand look desperate?

It may be time for an audit. 


The future of Instagram advertising?

Did you see it? Two days ago Instagram did a sponsored post for Tiffany and Company that had a new feature, multiple images. It works very similar to how Facebook shows you "suggested pages" and "pages you make like" on their mobile app. You have to swipe left to see more.

It does grab your attention and we are sure it increases engagement for the advertiser. Unfortunately their ad program is only available to major brands but like all small businesses we are hopefull to get our fair share of the instagram audience. 


Rasa, New York's Incomparable New Malaysian Experience

Celebrity And Michelin Star-Rated Chef Tommy Lai's Unique Malaysian Fusion Restaurant Opens In Greenwich Village

Melange Media is excited to be working with Rasa. Our team looks forward to bringing Chef Tommy and sister Cami Lai's distinct style to as many people as possible. 

Rasa, has enjoy positive reviews by customers and critics alike since it opened in December 2013. Malaysian Chef Tommy Lai, the first Malaysian chef to earn a Michelin star in New York, creates a blend of traditional and new takes on Malaysian, Thai, and Singaporean to create a menu that is unmatched in New York City. By importing spices, raw ingredients, and sous chefs ensures a premium epicurean experience.  There's no mistake that Rasa is a distinct novelty of flavors and new ideas rare to New York.

After moving to the United States and pining for the dishes from home, Tommy and Cami Lai decided to bring the food loved and longed for to New York City. Try dishes like Rasa''s Assam Laksa, a flavorful, spicy fish-based noodle soup with supposedly over 1,000 ingredients involved, or their Beef Rendang, succulent slices of beef marinated in over 30 spices and cooked tender on low heat for several hours. And if you're an NYU student, good news! You get 15% off your meal. 

Stay on top of all the specials and perks with Rasa's social media platform on their FacebookTwitterFoursquare, and Yelp pages. You'll fall in love with their one of a kind blend of menu styles as Melange Media continues to reinforce their brand and promote their wonderful restaurant. 

If you like what you see, we can help you as well. Let us know by emailing us at or calling us at 646.504.0664


Melange 2.0

Are you a business owner? If so, you've probably thought about using social media to enhance your business.


So is everyone else. The vast majority of business owners are using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to help grow their businesses. If you've been waiting to pull the trigger implementing social media into your business, there's no better time than now to get started and catch up.

When you choose Melange Media to helm your social media campaign, then you'll be pleased to know we're introducing even more dimensions to your new marketing service.

In addition to social media management, customer feedback, and audience engagement, we'll be implementing more services under our marketing manager position. You already have seasonal business concepts, but we can supplement even more marketing plans on top of your ongoing promotions. We also know you're pressed for time and can be complacent in ignoring pesky sales people from Yelp and other internet marketing businesses that seem like white noise. With our Marketing Manager working for you, you'll have:

  • One point of contact to filter sales people trying to sell you their internet service, marketing or product to generate you more business. We will speak with these sales reps, consult with you and determine if it's the best fit for you.
  • Ongoing marketing and branding consultation for your business. Not just for social but for everything happening offline (menu concepts/design, etc)

In addition to marketing plan mapping, we'll enhance your brand with e-mail marketing as well. Large numbers of your clients are too busy to watch your social media channels but do have time to read their e-mail. We see this need and are now providing a solution to this. With our services, we will be sending two e-mail campaigns to your existing mailing list a month and also receive these additional services:

  • Newsletter initial design and setup: We will design the initial look and feel of your newsletter for future uses, setup your mailing list in our system and test your mailing list to ensure optimal effectiveness.
  • Newsletter posting and moderating: We will take the images and written content provided by you, implement with your newsletter design and send to your mailing list as needed.
  • Maintenance & Reports: We will maintain your mailing list database to ensure your likelihood to not be considered spam, blocked or have too many bounced e-mails. We will also report this in a monthly report to show progress.

Finally, we know how crucial reputation is; it can make or break your business. That's why we're enhancing the Reputation Monitoring service we already provide. Our unique filtering system determines if a review is real, from a competitor or an unreasonably negative reviewer. After we determine the source of the review we will either forward for your response or work to get it removed if not legitimate.


Sounds like it's time to step your business up, don't you think? Catch up to the the millions of businesses that are already expanding their organization with clever, consistent, and clear social media marketing.

The cost of Fake Reviews...

According to a study just put out by the Harvard Business School, the number of fake reviews on Yelp rose to 20% in 2013 from 5% since 2006. 

So much for their slogan "Real People. Real Reviews." 



Not that this is Yelp's fault; they were complicit with the studies as they happened. In other words businesses, the restaurants themselves or marketing firms, were writing or hiring others to fabricate positive reviews to boost their own online reputation enhance their ratings and increase their notoriety. 

Vine Sollitto, VP of Corporate Communications at Yelp, told CNN "What we believe this particular announcement does, more than anything, is put those businesses on notice that this is not a harmless little exercise designed to boost your ratings. It's a deliberate attempt to mislead consumers, it violates our guidelines, but more importantly it violates the law."

Recently the Attorney General of NYC busted 19 companies for writing fake reviews and fined them $350,000.


Rest assured, here at Melange Media we couldn't be more genuine and honest with our practices. Instead of artificially boosting results, we foster only organic connections with your audience. It's these authentic gestures that cultivate growth and give your brand an identity, a voice standing out from the rest of the (potentially fake) white noise. 

If we detect a fake review created against your brand, we ask Yelp (as well as Open Table, Foursquare, Trip Advisor, and all major ratings sites) to remove it. Though it is difficult to screen for fake reviews, just know that we are hyper-vigilant and train our eyes at your online reputation, giving you updates and analysis as they arise. 

It's important that you understand that review sites are critical in maintaining your online reputation. At Melange Media we steer your brand to be as positive and sincere as possible.

Let us know how we can serve you


Baluchi's New York's Favorite Indian Chain


Melange Media would like to welcome, Baluchi’s. We’re excited to be managing their social media platforms and watching their foodie-fan base grow.


Get to know Baluchi’s

Baluchi’s is a five-location New York City Indian food chain – QueensTribeca,Upper East Side, Park Slope, and Murray Hill.  They are one of Zagat’s top-rated Indian restaurants that offer eat-in and take-out options, online ordering, as well as catering. We wouldn’t be surprised if you stayed in the restaurant though. The atmosphere is warm and vibrant with colorful light pendants, beautiful architectural details, and amazing light.


The celebrated hotel chefs and chefs from India have created a menu that varies on each location, but you’ll find all the Indian dishes you crave.  Reviewers love their Chicken Tika Masala, Lamb Vindaloo, and lunch deals (they can be up to almost 50% off regular price meals).

They’ve been established in New York City since 1994, and they’re looking forward to the future. They are extremely passionate about sharing the tastes, aromas, and feeling of India. When you visit, you’ll understand why we’re so excited to be a part of their family.

Make sure you stay tuned to their FacebookTwitterFoursquare, and Yelp pages to watch them grow with our help. We will be streamlining their brand and making everyone fall in love with their food.

If you like what you see, we can help you as well. Let us know by emailing us or calling us at 646.504.0664

The sensation known as Natsumi

Melange Media welcomes, the Japanese-Italian sensation known as Natsumi.



Natsumi opened their doors in the heart of the New York City Theater District in March of 2007. They’re located at 226 West 50th St (50th St. stop on the 1,2,A,C,E lines) and are known for their amazing sushi, cocktails, and excellent service.



 Barbara Matsumura, the founder of the well-known seven Haru Restaurants, opened Natsumi along with Chef Haru. Their sushi gets rave reviews on Yelp and one of their most popular dishes is the Seafood Toban Yaki –it has generous portions of lobster with fish and scallions drizzled in a special garlic sauce. And, we can’t forget about their great cocktails — they have over 20 kinds of sake at their bar. It’s a great dinner date before or after a Broadway show.

If you are visiting after a Broadway show, don’t forget to see if your ticket will get you a discount. Right now they’re offering 10% off with your Mamma Mia and Chicago ticket, and a free dessert if you show your Wicked ticket. Who doesn’t love a discount on food and drinks?

Rock Shrimp Tempura

Rock Shrimp Tempura


Natsumi has been featured in Time Out New York, New York Times, New York Magazine, Food Arts Magazine, and more publications, so we’re excited to give them even more positive publicity through social media.

Through real customer reviews we’ve helped them achieve a 4-star Yelp ranking. We look forward to the continuous increase of their overall social media ROI, sustaining record numbers in engagement through social media, and developing a social media strategy that increases business during their non-peak times. Watch us work together on their facebooktwitter, and foursquare.

Ready to take the next step in social media? Contact us at or at 646.504.0664.